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10 Oct 2005

HK: My love affair with drugs stores

I have found myself in drugstore after drugstore. They don't even sell drugs. Where people get their medicine from, I'm not sure. Why do I love them so?

I am moderately fascinated by the chinese versions of day to day heathcare products. I'm not sure why. Does anyone need chinese toothpaste? It was 2 for 1.

They have most of the same brands we are used to seeing, but the chinese version - and the english on them is somehow off as well. 'Milk Bath', which I thought was a fancy milk bubble bath, is actually body wash. Huh. 'Cream Facial Foam' is for washing one's face, not moisturizing it. Made by Dove.

Seeing what the hotel shampoo/conditioner and high humidity did to my hair, I decided to dive into hair care products as well. I might even purchase 'style water' in case I need it (hairspray)!

It also helps that they are everywhere. I think I pass 3 or so on my way from the hotel to work. Maybe its just that they are a comfort - I know what should go in them, they are bright and shiny, I recognize name far I've popped in just to buy water three times, and left with an assortment of products.

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