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19 Mar 2011

Shanghai to the Max!

Ok, I leave in a few short hours for Shanghai - theDoss is turnin' back into a TravelBlog!  :)

I didn't really think I would have any more world travel after I left Entone, but here I am.

Ok, wish me luck on this flight and with this jet lag!  I have a very poorly timed flight with respect to jet lag...oh man...

Also, it is an EXTREME super moon tonight, which the conspiracy theorists like to link to hurricanes and space storms (which can affect high flying aircraft, mind you).

I'll try to report "tonight" if I'm not destroyed due to sleep issues. Some nice colleagues are picking us up at the airport and taking us to the hotel, so I'll be fine.  Also, I'm traveling with a co-worker, so at least I'll have someone to gripe about airline food with!  :)


Jeanne said...

Have a great trip! Looking forward to reading about what you get up to while there!
Good luck with the jetlag!

Ron said...

Make sure the gas tank is full

Lindsay said...

oooh, I love when theDoss turns into a travel blog! Have a good trip!

(And I want to see some pics of the bedroom too, Jeanne says it looks fab!)