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25 Mar 2011

Wednesday in Review

Breakfast was lame (well, except for some really good won ton soup and a nice steamed glutinous pumpkin ball).  That's it, I've had it with the hotel breakfast.  As we dove to work I saw there there are lots of street meat right outside our hotel, and people queueing up to get a quick breakfast, I'm going to try that tomorrow morning, I think.  (As long as sleep goes well tonight)

Lunch was good.  I would say so far it is has been my favourite meal overall.  It had lots of nice veg (Chinese celery was very good) and it came with yummy asian pears to finish.  They peel all their fruit here - due to pesticides and bad water, I suppose.

I am really jonesing for an apple, and the hotel puts out bowls of them, so I stole one - but I asked Wallace, and he said I should peel it.  So I am going to look for a knife.

Dinner:  Haha - SUPER lame!  We walked around the Nanjiang Road and Bund last night - very cool.  Again, lots of bright lights and shiny buildings.  But for dinner we didn't quite know where to go.  I led us up into a mall in hopes we'd be able to find a way to ride up a tower and eat at a restaurant on the top - only to not be able to get to the top, so really we just were stuck in this little mall for a while.  So we ended up at Pizza Hut.  My colleagues are not very adventuresome with food, and all this 'weird food' makes them uncomfortable.

But really, Pizza Hut?  I don't even eat cheese.  So...there wasn't much that looked good for me to order.  I ended up ordering some "vegetable tempura" which turned out to be fried veg (not in a temperua batter, just flour) with a side of ketchup.  I also ordered some thai meat fried thing which wasn't good, and some octopus and quail egg thing that wasn't good.  All in all, worst dinner ever.

The only upside was that my collegeae ordered a Pepsi and they brought him a blue drink, so I drank that.  Some sort of fizzy juice, with bits of stuff in it. 

In general - Shanghai is BOOMING!  My colleague that was here 3 years ago keeps saying - "that building wasn't here last time I was here", "THAT building wasn't here last time I was here", "this area looks a lot different", etc.  In these fancy areas at least, it really is beautiful and twinkly and shiny and nice (like, sort of Las Vegas-y).  I've decided my fav building is this one:
It is SO pretty at night.  And the pic in the link above is old, there is now another tower right next to it.  I'm hoping we'll get to eat in it or at least go up it at some point.  It's pretty $$$ though - even by Cdn standards.

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Jeanne said...

Cool building!
Sorry to hear about the lame food...