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21 Mar 2011

SH:So Sleepy!

Well, I fear I am in for a rough day!  I woke up at 2am this morning, forced myself to stay in bed until 3am with lights off, got super bored so I finally caved around 3 and read for a bit, tried to sleep again, didn't happen so I got up and work-emailed, tried to sleep again around 6am.  It worked after a while, then my morning wake up call woke me at 7am.
So basically I feel like poo right now.
Augh!!  :(
Lots of meetings's to hoping I can struggle though what I want to say!
More on food soon.  :)


Jeanne said...

oooh. So you were right to think you'd have trouble with jetlag. Sucky!
Hope you are able to stay awake later!

Ron said...

Glad to see you blogging. Hi tech or low tech solution?

Would earplugs and eyeshade help when you need to sleep? Try to get into a 24 hr cycle ASAP.