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6 Feb 2011

Front door is busted

Like, for real?

We had a small dinner party last night, and I had the oven up quite high.  So every time I opened said oven the smoke alarm would go off.  So I would run to the front door and open it to let in some fresh air, the lady would stop yelling "fire!".

The third time this happened - disaster struck.  I wrenched open the door - only to have the door some with me, some what.  The lower  hinge completely came out!  So the door was only held to the frame by the top hinge!  Yikes. 

"Um...Adrian?  I broke the door..."

So we left the door open until everyone arrived, then gingerly placed it back into the hinge - although any sudden movements and the door will fall out again, for sure.  Yikes. 

We'd been sort of thinking of getting a new door maybe next year (what with all the holes in the door and all and it being wood and super cold)... maybe this will push up our plans a bit!  On one hand I like our old wooden red door.... but really, get anywhere near it, it is like a refrigerator in that hallway.  Not so ECO friendly.

One could argue it isn't the door, it is the frame that needs to be replaced...but... I dunno.  We shall see.

In other household news, the bedroom is coming along swimmingly.  Baseboards and trim are up.



Lindsay said...

ohhh, bummer!

But the real question is, what were you cooking for the dinner party? Do tell!

Jeanne said...

But I loves that door!! Always so welcoming and bright and red! Although I'm sure you'll find an awesome replacement, it is sad that it's broken.
Did you make the Jamie Oliver carrot cake??