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28 Mar 2011

SH: Friday Fun!

In review, this was my #1 fun thing we did in Shanghai:

So Friday before dinner we went out to the Shanghai World Financial Center for a glass of wine on the ~100th floor! (I say "about 100" because the elevator had like 3 buttons - "lounge", "restaurant" and "lobby" or something like that. Oh - and getting in was neat - we were trying to act 'cool' like we belonged in this fancy hotel - but really, you just walk in - through a set of rooms and automatic doors - like a mission impossible scene but with good design, then just take the elevator up. It is not a big deal like the CN tower is. It was an internal elevator, so no scary view. Ears popped like three times!)

Hot! It was super cool. Best part of Shanghai visit! :) (Seen in this pic )

Dinner we went to Xintiandi, which is some sort of hot clubbing district.

We went to dinner with Gina, who is a girl who used to work for AMD, but has lived in Europe for a while, and now lives in Shanghai, so she's coming back to AMD. It was cool to meet her, I've heard lots of stories about her, since Betty is friends with her.

FINALLY, a good soup dumpling in Shanghai! Yay! Dinner was good (Taiwanese restaurant - like - hahha! I will be there Wednesday!). We didn't go clubbing or anything - not my scene. We did go for Vietnamese for dessert. Highly freezing. It is cold here - why we all ordered iced deserts is beyond me. I had rambutan, which is kinda like lychee. Good. Hilariously, Matthew ordered a plum dessert - and I was like, "Really? Ok-ay!" - since Matthew is is NOT adventurous in food, and doesn't enjoy all this weird and wonderful cuisine. In fact, I could NOT get him to try a soup dumpling. Oh well! But Matthew didn't know Chinese plum things are (imho) a gross salty business. Needless to say, he didn't enjoy it.

(I'm in HK now - not much time on Internet do I have, trying to catch up!)

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