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25 Feb 2010

Living Room

Our living room is FINALLY done!
I refer you to the before and after (it's too bad I can't find a picture with holes in it, it was much worse before the patching started):

Look, the dirty yellow walls are gone. Yay! Everything is shiny and new. The colour [Night Frost]...well, its not quite what we expected. It turned out to just be gray. Like we're painting most of the house (can I at least get a Hooray from Auntie Jan, who also paints her house gray?). But it'll do. I think the fireplace actually looks nicer now, with the white mantle, instead of the pukegreen mantle.

This took FOREVER, due to Olympics. I hope the dining room/hallway will move along at a slightly faster clip without Olympic hockey to vie for Adrian's attention. Dining room priming starts today - many more days later than expected....

And now we need a couch. Actually, we found a lovely couch we both liked...but then we decided we needed new eavestroughs more. So, couch, you just wait for us, we'll come get you soon.

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Lindsay said...

Wow, it looks awesome! So much better! Cute curtains too :)