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14 Feb 2010

Upstairs bath is DONE!

Our upstairs bathroom is finally done! w00t! Our before and after:

LOVE it. Really, I'm surprised at how much different our place feels now that we can use the upstairs bath! I mean, the downstairs bathroom is fine... but having to hike downstairs to have a shower sort of makes you feel like you're camping, you know?

The before picture doesn't even tell the whole story - alas, I don't have one showing the gaping hole around the light switch - you'll just have to trust me, it's much improved.

The thing that really makes the bathroom though is without a doubt the towels - thanks to Aunties Ladi and Carol for the thoughtful wedding gift!! Seriously, I have never used such towels. They make me feel like a rich person. If it wasn't Chinese New Year today, I think I would go have a shower just so I could dry off. :) And these beautiful bathroom accessories courtesy of Shavaun and the Hohs, very lovely! Thanks, guys!

I mean, sure, the bathroom is still ultra small, and you do get a mild claustrophobic feeling when you're "answering the call of nature", but at least now its plush! I'm also having a bit of issue with the brown - we all know brown is on its way out, I wish I had the foresight to ask for these lovely gifts in black, but overall, I'm giving my *new* bathroom 2 thumbs up!

You'll notice the cadence of the blog posts is much slower now - that's because everything takes so LONG when we are both working full time! Sorry! Up next, look for the kitchen - its actually done, but we're still unpacking into it, so I'll post when its 100% done and set up. The living room is scheduled for priming on Family Day - wooohoo! (Its about time, one would say).



Jeanne said...

I likes! I likes!
It does look nice & I bet it looks nicer in person.

Lindsay said...

Wow, it looks great! Nice work!

Corrie said...

Hahaha - in person, it looks more claustrophobic and feels cold, and sometimes smells of smoke! But I'll take it! Towels make up for it!