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1 Feb 2010

Excellent Brown Couch

Well, the big move happened! Only the bedroom is painted and sans holes, so the rest of the house is chaos.

Our living room is filled with dust and construction accoutrements, the dining room is piled with furniture, the middle bedroom is FILLED with boxes, and the back bedroom houses scattered furniture and boxes and painting supplies, and the kitchen is draped for painting!

Controlled chaos, it is - camping for another week, I'm ready for it. I even bought all processed food to eat this week, so cooking can be kept to a minimal before the kitchen is painted.

Oh, and our new house is also COLD. So Cold! I think all those walls we have punched in outside walls are doing it - we have not yet hit room temperature. We're idling around 65'C...and the floors are freezing. Yikes. So in the next few days, we're prioritizing some hole patching!

As I took the inaugural shower Saturday night, I noticed lovely warm steam going into the bathroom walls and ceiling through the massive holes in them, and I'm thinking this isn't such a good idea. So we're off showers in the upstairs bathroom until the holes are patched and the cement is dry. Meaning we may end up painting the bathroom, or else we'll have a massive white primer square on the wall. But you probably know we lived with that in our old house for like 2 years....

The bedroom is an oasis (cold oasis) of wonderful Turquoise-Mist. Mmmm. I love it. I spent time before sleeping on Saturday night just looking at how lovely the walls are. They look almost new! There are just a few wee spots the paint peeled off with the tape. No worry. I can fix that this week. Poor Adrian has a lot of mudding to do.

Our excellent brown couch -
(If you recall it was no slouch)
She didn't fit in the door
She is no more.
our excellent brown couch.

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

yay, glad the move is done! Too bad about the couch...I don't really remember it, but I'm sure it was a beauty :)