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31 Mar 2010

Dining Room. (sigh)

Yay! Dining Room is DONE! And I loves it. That is a sigh of love. :) (Like Bella sighs when she looks deep into Jacob's eyes)

Our lovely big gray carpet covers most of the awful floor, and ALL of the horrid green is gone from the 1st floor - w00t!

We tried selling the China Cabinet, but that's not so much happening, so.... I don't know. Maybe we'll keep it. I'll keep you posted. We have plans to trash the lighting fixture, but that seems to be down the road a bit.

Today I did purchase previously mentioned lovely red couch, so our living room will be coming along! There was a slight kerfluffle at the couch store, but I emerged victorious, and strangely $100 fell off the price.

As for our little bathroom cigarette smoking problem - we now think the pipe connecting our houses is simply a horizontal pipe from bathroom to bathroom, with a shared exhaust. I made the mistake of looking into the pipe - GROSS! Its like 80 years of nasty, dusty awfulness. We have to do something about it.


Lindsay said...

oooh, looks good, Coralie!

jeanne said...

Love it! Looking forward to seeing it in real life!
(And shouldn't it be Edward's eyes?)