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4 Feb 2010

Slowly but surely

Work progresses - its not terribly interesting at this point, sorry! We taped the kitchen last night, today, first coat of primer will go up. Adrian and I had our (hopefully) last sanding party in the kitchen, with a billion drop clothes, and me madly trying to vacuum up all the plaster dust as it was made.

Household temp still sits at 66'F. I set it to 68'F. Sooner or later it will hit that setpoint! Perhaps once massive drafts aren't coming in everywhere? In particular the kitchen has a new switchplate that seems to be directly connected to the outside, a refreshing stream of air is coming in at all times.

I notice the upstairs bathroom has no heating vent. So it can't really be blamed for how chilly it is. Maybe we should look at some shrink wrap on the window for now? I fear its outside wall of the upstairs bath ought to be ripped down at some point too and insulated. Perhaps next year. We're still using the downstairs bath for showering, since we have one more plaster coat to go upstairs, and the faucet still needs caulking. Oooh, maybe we should put heated floors in when we remodel the bathroom, that would be awesome! They are freeeezing now.

The upstairs bathroom also smells like cigarette smoke on occasion. This is a wee bit of a mystery. I thought someone the neighbour smoking was coming in the wall holes, but when I sniffer them, I detect no smoke. I think the smoke is coming in from our exhaust pipe from the bathroom. This is how it was done before exhaust fans - just a pipe out to the roof. Mayhaps this pipe lets in cigarette smoke from the attic? But when I sniffer the hall closet that has a HUGE GAPING hole in it to the attic, I detect no smoke.....

And a Happy Birthday to Justyna, my only loyal blog "Follower"!


Lindsay said...

I'm not a follower, but I'm a 'subscriber'...that's gotta count for something!

That is odd about the cigarette smoke. Our apt sometimes smells like fish, and we blame the people downstairs.

More pics!

Corrie said...

Excellent! I also enjoy my subscribers, of course!

Sorry about the pics - more soon. We only have Internet at the new house as of today, it makes everything trickier without Internet.