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4 Feb 2013

Demo day!

It begins!

I tell you, this guy is a hard worker!  One dude did all of this.  Our bathroom went from this to this:
You may have seen the above on FB.  At this point (like ~10:30am) the bath tub is still there you can see.

SHAZAM!  It's gone!  ALL gone!  Including the tub, which is now in our backyard, if anyone feels the need for a quick wash, help yourselves.  Holy Moley!  By himself!  We are lazy office workers - no way I could do this in 2/3 of a day!

(Ok, old window is still there.  Everything isn't totally gone.)

Well the day isn't over.... time to start downstairs!

Last dining room wall picture, ever:

Down it goes!  Mwhahahahha!  (View from the other side)

You can see the spice cupboard is old news, we've lost a few regular kitchen cupboards as well.  But the dishwasher (aka, Corrie Jr.) STAYS!  

Stay tuned for more updates!


Jannings said...

Looks great! It will be wonderful!

Lindsay said...

whoa! Can't wait to see the After pics!

Jeanne said...

that wall looks crazy without the teacup cabinet! I can't imagine there being no wall there at all!!

Corrie said...

I know, right? I think we are saying goodbye to the teacup cabinet!