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29 Jan 2013

And the walls - come tumbling down!

I really love my spice cupboard.

Look, here it is, pictured closed.

And even more exciting, pictured open:

Why am I losing my spice cupboard?  Well, this whole wall will be coming tumbling down.  (Well, I hope they actually very neatly and tidily dismantle it.).  For a little context - this is the wall between the kitchen and dining room.  They are commonly removed in these sorts of houses.

So, it means no more spice cupboard.  Poot.  Where on earth will I put all my spices??  You can see I just bought some Trader Joe's Smoked Paprika!  I've always wanted smoked paprika!  And now that I have it - soon I will have no place to put it!  And these aren't even all my spices - I have some magnetic ones on the fridge as well.

And see that vent below the spice cupboard in the picture at the top?  Yeah.  That's the heat to our bedroom.  We're moving to electric in our bedroom, all so this wall can come tumbling down.

All so we can see into the dining room so I can see my little Appleseed at play while I am slaving away at dishes.  Not that we're losing our dear dishwasher.  It will stay - the wall will only come half down.  But you know, not everything goes in the dishwasher and all that.

And sure, the spice cupboard doesn't actually close (or good luck getting it open again - it sticks) - but it is so cool to have one, right?  And see how it is a different colour on the inside of one panel?  This is super old paint, and makes me think "DANGER! LEAD PAINT", so maybe it really is good to get it out of there before the Appleseed arrives on the scene.

But mostly it is all about sight lines and whatnot.  Yay!


Jeanne said...

I will miss the spice cupboard!
The house will look soooo different next time I come to visit!!

Lindsay said...

Cool! Can't wait to see the After pics.

I loooove smoked paprika. Where will you put it now??