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11 Feb 2013


Hello dear Internetz.  

Did I mention we're replacing the back door?  Old door is out, new door not in yet.  Despite our old door being lovely, we do this to keep the heat IN the house, not leaking out through the single pane window in the old door.  And, eventually we're going to knock off the weird little outdoor room thing attached to our back door, so we need a real exterior door - our old door is oddly not an exterior door (no lock).  Weird, right?  So we may rip off that room thing this summer, so having an exterior door ready is key.  This is just your basic WARM, SAFE, cost-effective door.

Bathroom is now mudded.  Tile starts tomorrow.  And new window is IN!  Well, ok, the window sill is not in yet, but the new window is.  So big and luxurious!  W00t!  Look, you can see the WHOLE thing opens!  Also featured is the nice man that is actually doing all the work by his lonesome:

Downstairs is also mudded.  Less exciting, but an important day nontheless.  Also, all our custom cabinets have been delivered.  The room is actually even messier than before, if possible.  MAN, we have a big cleaning job ahead of us.

Oh, and, um... our furnace is sorta broken-ish.  We need a service call, at any rate.  It hasn't been on for... oh, a week or so.  House is freezing.  Well, no, house is 54'F (yes, we roll in Fahrenheit).  Pipes won't freeze.  Just uncomfortable.

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Jeanne said...

WOW! I love the look of the kitchen with the wall gone. I wasn't sure what it was going to look like, but it's Great!!! :)