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6 Feb 2013


Progress!  This is at the end of day 3.

The new bathtub is in!  WOW!  You can see the shower pipe there too!  Still the old window.  Look, new toilet hole!

Barbara, you were right to be wary of the old rocking toilet.  Turns out the pipe was cracked!  AUGH.  Not leaking yet, thankfully.  But it was only a matter of time, no doubt.  Thank goodness we had the urge to remodel before the baby comes! 

Now the kitchen is looking super different!  Look how OPEN it looks!  Sort of exposed!  Great sight lines.  Tea cup cupboard no longer.

Here is the view from the kitchen of the dining room.

As you can see, the dining room is being used as a staging area.  Good thing it was all cleared out!

Look how OPEN it is!  That little bit of wall to the side there (you can see some pipes running) will be covered up with drywall.  That's the plumbing stack, it is staying where it is.  We're not made of money, yeah?

You can see the new framing above the counter - that will be the new little breakfast bar we are adding on.  It will match our ugly counters.  :)


Lindsay said...

Oooh, looks so pretty already!!

Jeanne said...

OMG! The house already looks so different! It is going to be so awesome!!