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14 Dec 2009

Main Floor, Stage 1 Plan

So this is our plan for the main floor of the house. We had originally planned on removing walls and re-doing the floor, but a quick survey of our funds has changed our minds!

First things first, we want to install a dishwasher - this means a lot of electrical work, since there is knob and tub there (Augh!). Hopefully it won't be too bad...? Also, it will need a little plumbing, but again, hopefully not too pricey.

Imagine - a machine that does your dishes! Fantastic! Can't wait! I resent donning those yellow rubber gloves now and washing my own dishes like a sucker.

We plan to bring our ghetto kitchen island from our rental, and use it in our new kitchen, with perhaps a new counter top. It fits the space really well, and we don't want to spent too much money if we may be knocking down the kitchen wall in the future. Ok, I suppose the island isn't that bad. Adrian custom-built it, and I challenge you to find a better place to put your recycling!

Also, the "oak counter" isn't actually a table yet, its still an oak counter (made my by Grandpa). It will need legs, and then we'll need to buy chairs. We plan on selling my current old-lady set, and of course, we haven't actually started that process yet.


Jeanne said...

One day I dream of having a dishwasher!! And I like the island!! Maybe it isn't ideal for rolling out cookies, but I think you hubby did a fab job on it!

Justyna Sweny said...

Awww don't call that Island ghetto. It isn't!!!