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13 Dec 2009

Big Plans - the Outside!

We LOVE our new house - possession isn't until Jan 8th, but we already have big plans! This is more of a neighbourhood purchase - its within walking distance of cool things, and in a great school district, 5 min walk from the subway.

For example, sometime in the spring we hope to replace the 'Insulbrick' on the front of the house (to white siding to match the neighbours...? Or cedar shakes?). Also, I have already lost the bush in the front in a bet to Adrian, so that's coming out too. (This probably means we'll have to replace the porch railing, since you'll be able to see it then.) And we'll most likely paint the brick when it warms up - currently off-white or cream is in the lead, with a black door.


Justyna Sweny said...

what is it with you people and bushes?!?!?! I have been having a bush removal battle with Ryan now for SIX YEARS. Our bush is staying put. Those kinds of bushes have pretty colours in the fall AND they hide hugly porch railings.

Corrie said...

Adrian HATES the bush in front - today we had our 'first viewing' and he reiterated his hatred. So sad. But I lost it fair and square.