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19 Oct 2007

Train Strike?!

Ah, the French.

They have tried to thwart me, but I have perservered. First, when I got off the plane, there was a CRAZY huge lineup to get through customs. It took 1.5 hrs! Man. There were only two officials for those with non-EU (or "American") travellers. And the man did not question me as to who I was, where I was going, and with whom was I doing it. Nope, he just stamped my passport.

And then of course it is train strike day. Frig. I went to the trains anyway in hopes that maybe I'd heard wrong, but it was true - no trains or metros today. So I caught a very very expensive and slow cab (of course due to it being 7:30am, thus rush hour AND train strike day).

Poor Kelly was about to start freaking out and call home if I didn't show up soon! I landed at 6am, and I didn't get to her house until like 9am.

But alive I am. :)
To France I say: Je me souviens.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I thought only Canadians know how to strike. How dare they of all days. The day you arrive!