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23 Oct 2007

PARIS: Weère back!

Ièm back in Paris!
I did manage to get a refund on that funny train ticket. They made me buy another one in Brussels to get back, but then refunded the original trip, ok.

Yesterday Doug and I walked all around Paris, and bought him 3 nice scarves. It was pretty fun. Then we had real french food for dinner with Kelly, something she often doesnèt go for so we went to some random joint.

I had lamb cooked in a wee little cast iron pot and it came with rice and wild rice. It was super tasty! Andd to start both Kelly and I had tomatoes with goat cheese and bread crumbs, that was very fancy and nice as well.

Today perhaps some shoppingÉ Oh yes, we also saw Champs dèElysses, Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, etc. :)

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