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16 Oct 2007

Probably not too many posts this trip

  1. I'll be too busy eating cheese
  2. I'll be too busy sampling wine
  3. This time ISN'T for work, so I won't already be on my laptop all day
  4. In fact, I am not bringing the damn thing, so maybe I won't even check email. Ever.

But if the spirit moves me, post to my blog I will.
Au Revoir!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You mean "je vais visiter le Paris," "je vais boire beaucoup de vin fin," "je suis un grand pomme de terre." I am so jealous! Eat, drink, party! I hope this trip goes off well,
Love you,
Auntie Jan
P.s. Thanks for the lovely biryani and the lovely stay!