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26 Oct 2007

PARIS/GENEVA: The WC/Les Toilettes/when Nature calls...

Bathrooms are awful in Paris.

Really nasty, smelly, gross kind of places. I think they're designed to make you shameful that you drank so much water that you would have to use them.
And they'll also often charge you for them, to really drive home the fact that you shouldn't be wanting to use them in the first place. You must be low class. Also, there are scarce - like fat people. Hardly any around.

In Switzerland, they're so much wonderfuller. I think people here sometimes have to use them, and don't really feel bad about it, its kind of a fact of life. They have so far ALL had toliet paper, only one of them smelled a bit, and all have been for free. And when looked for, are usually found without too much trouble.

Just an observation. Not statistically valid.

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