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19 Jan 2013

But what is wrong with your current bathroom?

I'll tell you.

Ok, I will admit, the picture doesn't look so bad, right?  Let's look in more detail!

Starting from the top:
  • No insulation.  Not just no insulation, no heating either.  Cold, cold, cold.  See those ugly tiles?  They are freezing!  Also no insulation means hella condensation when someone takes a nice warm shower.  It is flat roof above this room - one would think a little bit of insulation would not go to waste here!
  • Window is old and cold and leaky.  AND - look at it!  It barely opens!  On a hot summer day when you want AIR - well, you can have that little square's worth.  Boourns!
  • No room for fat people.  Like, for reals.  It is quite tight in there.
  • No storage.  Ok, ok, if we hadn't been planning on renovating, we would have put some storage in by now, but for now we still use this (ghetto) plastic bin.  Not super classy.
  • Sink is cracked.  Well, ok.... I suppose that doesn't matter.  But it is SO small.  I dislike pedestal sinks, except in powder rooms.  I wear contacts, you have to put them on the edge of the sink when you put them in!  I need more space, man!
  • Bath tub overflow drain LEAKS.  This isn't ok.  Remember our rain in the basement?  It isn't nice to rain inside.  If you recall, it was this drain.  Sure, it could be fixed.  But it would be quite a tight job next to our toilet with no space back there.  I will be in labour in about 81 days - I will need a tub to do some of the labouring in!  A nice relaxing tub, which this ain't.  Also, the tub needs re-enamelling.  But whatev, we're getting a soaker tub in the new bathroom.
  • Toilet rocks.  You laugh.  Is true.  Not the good kind of rocks.  The kind you hope doesn't mean there is water damage somewhere.  And feels weird when you're doing your business.  Super hard to fix - the floor is not level back there.  Also there is also some old paint/mud on the tiles back there, so it never looks clean.  Poot.
  • And finally - the floor is ugly.  Not a reason in itself to tear the entire washroom down, but while we're at it, this will be upgraded.
Starts Feb 4th!  Hooray!  I will be posting some shots as it comes along!  :)


Jeanne said...

love the arrows in the pic. haha
Looking forward to seeing the new and improved bathroom!!!!

Ali said...

Exciting! Can't wait to see the new and WAY better bathroom!

Lindsay said...

Fun! Are you doing the renos yourself?

Janny said...

I thought the arrows were a design for the new shower curtain! I agree: go for it!