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3 Dec 2012

Built in Kitchen Shelves, East Side

While we haven't been doing anything major lately, Adrian did build us these nice kitchen shelves for storage a few months ago.

I love them!  They really do tidy the place up quite a bit.  Storage for some of my teas, my legumes, hippie flours, grains and nuts, and a bit of miscellaneous canned goods (which are super old, I should toss them).  The best part - cookbook shelf!  Every kitchen should have a cookbook shelf.  Unfortunately I had to do a bit of a purge to fit all my cookbooks in (on the ones I really love made it), but it sure is handy having them all there!  Not shown is a small little stool I use to actually reach the cookbook shelf, since it is so high up.

The great thing about these shelves is that this was totally unused space, allowing us to free up some other space and move the island around a bit to make the kitchen more walkable.  And the bookcase we formerly had in the kitchen to hold all these things now is in the living room holding BOOKS - a much better arrangement.

The plan is for the other side of the fridge to receive a similar treatment, with slightly deeper shelves (our bigger jars won't fit on these skinny shelves).


Lindsay said...

Nice! Right now I keep my cookbooks in a box in the closet. So I'm just a teensy bit jealous :)

Jannings said...

Sarah has a friend whose father has been a cook on the side forever and now runs a catering business. Picture a kitchen three times the size of yours with 5000 cookbooks on neat white shelves covering several walls! It is so cool! But I don't know about you: most of my cooking is MINE, just maybe using a recipe as inspiration! Your shelves are great! Love them!