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8 Jan 2011

Get the lead out!

It is official - no more lead pipes!  On Thursday/Friday they came and did the City-owned portion of our pipes.  Our dreams of superior water pressure has sadly not quite been realized.  I had my first shower after the pipes have been done today, and I was sort of hoping the pressure would be so high I would come out with ouchy skin (a la Dossencondo on Riverside Drive), but seems kind of about the same.

BUT, we can now have more than one source of water on at a time, without puffs of air coming out.  And I swear the washer filled faster this morning (we have the old-school kind).  I daringly did laundry and dishes at the same time today - w00t w00t!  Everything was fine.  And one can flush the upstairs toilet, have the shower on AND be running water upstairs without any one of them running all the way out of water.  Luxury!

The bedroom is coming along.  Adrian has built the back of the headboard, and wired up the lights and the ambient lightening.  :)  I have such a cute husband!  :)  Soon we go to buy baseboards and crown molding - we had planned to go today but were thwarted by a lovely beef farmer dropping by and much discussion of beef and goats and whatnot.


Jeanne said...

(although too bad about the water pressure.)

Lindsay said...

Wow, sounds like things are humming right along! Nice!