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16 Dec 2010

No new real updates...

.... so I will titillate your fancies with this 3D view of what the south side of our bedroom will look like.

Work continues on the closet - it is about half put up.  Ad is taking two days off work very soon to work on all this - and I hope baseboards and trim will go up soon!  He has to build those nice headboards up see above and stain them and whatnot, so... it all takes time.  The bedroom door has been re-hung, and it is fantastically balanced now!  Yay!

The men have not yet come to fix our pipes from the city....although there are promising spray paint lines in the front of the house!  And there are even orange cones, but the cones aren't actually doing anything yet.  Soon, soon.  Maybe they are paused due to snow?

In siding news:  they've come and put up some scaffolding, but siding we do not have.  I can't picture them working when it is so cold out...but I suppose they will.  We'll see.  The man said they would start in a few days, but that was a few days ago....

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Lindsay said...

ooooh, your bedroom looks very space age! cool!