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17 Oct 2010

Living the Dream

Ok, I know, it's been AGES and AGES since I've posted.
Terribly sorry.

Update on the bedroom: It's coming along.  Adrian is now in the process of mudding.  I know, I know, it just looks like an empty room - but it has come a long way, baby!  It actually looks slightly better than this picture below, having at least one coat of drywall mud on all places you would want to have mud on.

On to bigger and more exciting things.
Yes, you may have heard - WE HAVE A MACHINE THAT DOES OUR DISHES!!!  What?!

It is so awesome.  It was literally installed today, by Adrian's "Uncle" [soy diu=man married to his aunt on his father's side, of course].  Adrian had done some fancy cabinetry work last week to prepare for said dishwasher.  You can see there is still a little cabinetry work left to do to the left of the dishwasher (whom we've christened him Corrie Jr., or CJ for short).  Our house feels oh so moderns now, with the addition of CJ!  It was amazing - we left the house this evening, came back - clean dry dishes were waiting for us!  I didn't even heft any soap!  Ahhhh.  Such luxury.

Next on our list of exciting new things for Sunday:  we now have a compost bin!  It is working away at its first load.  I attacked our bushes in front - it was time for a trim.  I have them mostly down, I want them down to sticks, so they can grown in more lady-like in the spring, slightly less jungle-ish.    I even have a dream of actually removing one of the vines I do not enjoy and consider to be a weed, but we'll see.  Man, our rosebush had some seriously huge branches.  I had to bust out the saw, my clippers just wouldn't hack it.  I've been reading up on composting, I hope to have excellent compost ready by spring!  :)

Ok, I think I'm going to go and see how CJ is.  Our kitchen is SO CLEAN.  And it didn't involve me doing 3 loads of dishes!  Wunderbar!


Lindsay said...

Yay for CJ! I also loooove my dishwasher.

The house is lookin' good!

Jeanne said...

The room looks so good! Good job Adrian!
Oh a glorious dishwasher! Can't wait to meet CJ in person. :)