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21 Nov 2010

Even more exciting news

So in the last week or so, we went from this:
To this!
The colour doesn't show up really very well in the is actually darker, more...gray-ish??  (Jeanne can vouch for it!)  We're ready for the closet to be put together now!  As you can see, part of the closet has already migrated upstairs.  Yay!

And the even more exciting news??  We're getting our PLUMBING FIXED!!!  YEEEEEEHAAAAAWWWW!  Turns out, they will begin fixing the city portion of the pipes TOMORROW.  Neat!  We called up the company, a dude turned up this evening, gave us a quote and told us our water pressure woes will be done by next week (after an exchange of some money)!  Or sometime thereabouts.

You will then be all welcome to come over and flush the downstairs toliet while I am upstairs in the bathroom - no more three minutes of freezing cold while puffs of air come out of the faucet.  Huzzah!


Jeanne said...

The colour is gorgeous! Definitely not what you see in the picture. I really, really love it.
That room is going to be so pretty once it's done!

Lindsay said...

oooh, looks good, Coralie!

I'm gonna be home for a week over Christmas...if you're still in Toronto, let's get together!

Corrie said...

Yes, sounds fun! You can see the blue room in person...maybe by then it will be looking like it has closets! Woah!