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10 Jul 2010

Deep South, finale

Hahah - ok, turns out I was too busy to blog for the rest of the trip!

The second day at Sarah's, we went to the NASA Rocket Museum - that was super fun.  They also had a traveling Star Wars side exhibit we saw as well.

That night (America Day) we had Sarah and Christian's fun boozy neighbours over for a barbeque.  It as super fun - Christian made organic chicken, and watermelon soup, and we had bruschetta, there was some corn and pork loin as well.  YUM!  (Watermelon soup - I've never had that before - it was soooo good!)

The next day we were off to Georgia!  We stopped along the way in South Pittsburg at the Lodge Logic Factory, where they make good ol' seasoned cast iron skillets.

Let me see.... in Georgia was saw Laurie's cute apartment, we went on some nice hikes in the hills, we watched all the FIFA World Cup games (although Laurie and I were Proud to be Awesome, we were gutted by German's loss), we had a classic Auntie Jan lamb roast, we did some walking around and shopping in the square in Marietta, we played with the lovely doggies (my impression of Chleo is much much improved from last time - Chleo and I were bffs).

On Thursday we went into Atlanta with Laurie and saw Bodies and Dialogue in the Dark - that was pretty cool.  Dialogue in the Dark is where they turn ALL the lights out and they lead you through scenarios and you have to navigate around like a blind person would (they give you a cane, and you have a blind person for a tour guide).  Pretty cool!  We also did a little shopping - Atlanta was particularly melty that day, so it was nice to go inside the airconditioning.

While in Atlanta we ate a R. Thomas, this crazy hippie bird sanctuary with all sorts of fancy vegan and raw foods - highly unexpected for me in Atlanta!  I was expecting all Southern cookin' style.

For dinner that day, we had FRIED CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!  ahhaha.  THIS was more like what I was expecting!  Gladys Knight and the Pips Chicken and Waffle House.  Love it!  We all had fried chicken and waffles for dinner - somewhat hilarious!  Soooo greasy, it was, but somehow a nice waffle does go well with fried chicken.

Friday was our driving back day - and all day it did take!  We made it to Waffle House for breakfast - that was fun.  Their waffles are NOT as good as Miss Knight's waffles, let me say.

We're now here in le Windsor takin' it easy on the last leg of our journey.  Some more cousin action tomorrow, I will be watching the game (World Cup Final - go Nederland!) with Drew and little Bri.  Fun!


Lindsay said...

What a delightful trip!

Is watermelon soup hot or cold? It sounds interesting...

Jay said...

Okay, so this is my third attempt to comment and tell you what a great time we had having you here! And to mention some of the other memorable meals/eating experiences you had! We really loved Adrian: he is an auntie's dream. If you say, "Would you like some...?, he says "Sure!" Jeannie and I are going to clone him!

So, we went to Henry's Louisian Bar and Grill in the little railroad town of Acworth, which is just over the lake from us. Adrian had a gator tail po'boy and shared some of my Louisiana "Ooh-La-La," which is crawfish tails in cream sauce over angel hair pasta, just sprinkled with cayenne to be sweet! Classic Southern diet food, served with squares of Henry's cakey cornbread! Lauren and Corrie had pulled pork barbecue in wraps, more Cajun diet food! Fancy Mojitos at Marlow's Tavern to watch that day's game, and then on to Ted Turner's "Ted's Montana Bar and Grill" for bison: bison rib-eye, bison meatloaf, bison sliders, burgers, and squash casserole! Yum!! I can't even remember what all else we ate: oh, Irish at Keegan's, but Adrian didn't get to sample the corned beef spring rolls! I tried them on Sunday during the final World Cup game, and they were pretty good, though much doughier and greasy than a real spring rolls, and they needed more cabbage! So, did your visit to the South boil down to food and drink? A lot! And that's all good! You had barbecue, low country boil, po' boys, alligator, crawdads, and fried chicken and waffles! Got you some civil war history and pictures of mansions and graveyards and hiked the battlefield to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (who now is "known,") and got to see lightning bugs, kudzu, (the weed that ate the South,) and hear cicadas and katydids! Y'all come back, now!