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7 May 2010


As you may know, tonight turned out to be quite rainy and cold.  We got home after our Mother's Day 10 course dinner with Adrian's family, and I booked it upstairs to put on a sweater and change out of my wet socks.

After I changed, I turned toward the bed (in the front bedroom I'm talking now for your reference) and there is a big round wet spot on the bed!  Did I put something wet on the bed?  No.

Water was dripping from the light fixture!    Uh-oh.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, man!  I thought our roof was relatively new?  Well, tomorrow is detective time.  Stay tuned.  I'm on this like Mrs. Fletcher is on a murder case!

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

NOOO! That's horrible! horrible, horrible, horrible!