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8 May 2010


Ah-ha!  So I went up into the attic.  This was no small feat, believe me - our attic isn't the kind of attic one would want to go up into.  In fact, I would bet no one had been up there (besides our home inspector popping his head up) in 30 years!  It involved moving insulation around and placing myself from one beam to the next, all the while there was fiberglass everywhere. 

I really wish I had some pics to share, but of course the one time our camera is out of batteries is today!

I slowly made my way over to where our light fixture is, and lo and behold - yes, there was some wet wood.  Boourns.  Then Adrian called up and suggest I turn off my flashlight, and upon doing so I did notice a wee little hole in the roof.  I estimate its diameter at like 3mm.

Well.  That's no good.  There is some weirdness in that the hole isn't directly over the wet wood, and I can't see any water tracks to wear the wet wood is, but regardless, the hole needs to be fixed.  Calling a roofer today, we will do.  Our roof is only like 2 or 3 years old, so we continue to ride the ghetto train of poor quality.  Hopefully it's under warranty.  :)


Jeanne said...

Good sleuthing! (Even better picture!! :) )
But sucky roof! Hope there's a warrantee.

Corrie said...

Do do do do dooo, do do dooo, do do! (that the Murder, She Wrote theme song).
I also make sure to put on some bright orange lipstick, that helps with the sleuthing! Oh yeah!

Lindsay said...

Ohhh, sucky!

I'm back in Canada now...can't wait to see the house!