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1 Apr 2011

Monday in HK - Big Buddha

So Monday we went to the Big Buddha. I've totally been there before, but Adrian hasn't. And in between when I was there and now, things have changed quite a bit. There is now a tram way you can ride to get there, instead of some crazy bus through the hills. Like taking a gondala ride up to the base of a ski resort - but this one was LONG. Longest in the world, they say - 1.7km. It just kept going and going! You even make a turn. We got a glass bottomed cabin for the ride up - very snazzy.

And when you get to the buddha, there is now a tourist village there - much more commercial than it used to be (chopsticks store?  Really?). We went up to the buddha and took pics and hung out for a while exploring a bit, then headed back. It was a fun day with my hubby.

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