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2 Apr 2011

HK to Taiwan - travel day! (Wed Mar 30, 2011)

Today all of us are flying to Taiwan - 10 of us in total! The scene at the airport was a little like herding cats (Ad's Dad dissapeared for a while!), but in the end we all got on board! :)

We arrived in Taiwan (only ~1 hr flight - old creaky plane) - and to my surprise, the airport was small and old and had an un-rushed feel to it.  Maybe we arrived in the 'old' terminal?  Anyhoo, we made it through immigration, and boarded a small bus to the train station - sort of like a city bus, nothing fancy.

The train station was very new and modern, but not very big.  Interesting!  We bought our train tickets and went to buy lunch first.  MOS BURGER!  yum yum yum yum!  Shown is a "burger" with a rice paddy for a bun, and filled with probably crab in a black pepper sauce, and Ad's "burger" which had pork.  Sounds super crazy, but was super good.  Came with an iced tea and a fried chicken wing as a side (instead of fries?  hahaha)

Another high speed train!  Fun!  Not a MAGLEV though.  Still, Adrian's first high speed train experience.  300km/h.  Only 1.5hrs to our destination (end of the line).  Very smooth - rocked me to sleep, eventually.  The views from the train were very lovely.  Lots of misty mountains and rice paddies and things.  Also, lots of leg room on the train - this is not like being in coach on a plane!
People in Taiwan (so far) seem very polite.  But English is dwindling fast!  Lots of signs are Chinese only.  I am illiterate!  Adrian is only half-literate!
We got to Kenting - well, actually we are staying in Heng Chun.  Um...hahah - it sort of sucked.  Kenting Holiday Resort sort of ... well, blowed.  Hahah - makes me feel like an overprivelged Westerner.  The room smelled mildew-y, and was VERY basic - we had to shower on top of the bathroom sink.  And the shower angle was such that it sprays you in the face, with no way to adjust it.   "Tasty Western dishes" for breakfast is a total lie - breakfast was gross.  Oh well.  We survived!  :)


Jeanne said...

fun fast trains!
So... how many lara bars did you take with you?

Lindsay said...

Yay, pictures!

That burger thing looks quite tasty, but good call with the larabars just the same :)

I didn't know that you were meeting up with all of Adrian's fun!