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24 Jun 2010

Things I am looking forward to: Deep South Edition

  1. Okra
  2. Drinking a Bloody Mary and complaing it's not a Caeser
  3. Melting in the heat
  4. Someone trying to convince me that grits really are good
  5. Seeing Vampires (I watch tv you know, I know they all live down South)
  6. Drinking unsweetened iced tea
  7. Banjos
  8. Target
  9. Seeing funny signs with "Jesus" in them
  10. Barbeque.  Wait, no, its Barbecue.
  11. Maybe somebody will call me a cracker
  12. Picking up an accent by the time we get into Kentucky
  13. Giggling about all the things that can be chicken-fried
  14. Starting to talk real ....slow....
  15. Rocket Ships
  16. I'm gonna Jump Down Turn Around, pick a Bale of Cotton...nah...just joshing....
  17. Riding in a Volvo
  18. Singing about "Goin' to Graceland" on the way down, and pretending it is true, because it will at least be plausible.
    Can't wait!  Yeeeeeeeehaw!

    Yours truly,
    Mrs. So


    Lindsay said...

    What, when are you going to the deep south? And what for? This is all news to me.

    I am looking forward to you eating BBQ as well. YUM.

    Jeanne said...

    If you get the chance you should definitely wear a dress just like that!

    Corrie said...

    I'm going to go visit my lovely cousins and Aunt/Uncle! Yay!

    Jeanne - word. I will do that!

    Sarah said...

    The South awaits y'all, eh!

    Anonymous said...

    We got Cajun, crawfish boil, tree frogs, lightning bugs, Tiger mosquitoes, Gone with the Wind, good ole boys, tiger sharks, bison burgers a la Ted Turner, but ain't got any cotton fields: they're further South, on your next trip to Florida! We even have some Tim Horton's coffee, thanks to the Canadian Embassy in Washington, but bring Sarah and Christian some Timbits and a couple of cheap 7-11 Butter Tarts! Ha!

    Corrie said...

    Butter tarts? They don't have butter tarts?! Who knew? I'll trade you a butter tart for a good-ol-boy.