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16 Jun 2010

And the Walls...come tumbling down!

Ok, maybe not so much 'tumble' - but we're removing them like crazy people.

Our ugly (mint coloured) back bedroom is going from what is shown below (you can still see the channel they cut in the plaster to do the electrical work - we had bubble wrap taped over it all winter because since we have no insulation, that's like, practically the outside of the house)...

To this!  EEEGADS!  What are we thinking?!?

Well, this is how it sits now.  This was all started this weekend, so now you, dear reader, are up-to-the-minute with our latest project.  It is like a scary jail in there.  And dusty like you wouldn't believe.  And I'm thinking maybe we have a hole into our neighbours closet, shhh.

The plan is to rip down the lathe, put up some insulation (thermal on the exterior walls, sound-proofing on the interior walls), vapour barrier, then drywall (soundproofing on the shared wall), then baseboards (turns out our old ones will not be salvageable - sadness) - THEN it will start to look normal.

We're going to paint it "Sapphire", and then install some PAX closets along one wall.  A custom headboard and a new bed later, maybe a ceiling fan, and she'll be done.  No problem at'all.


Jeanne said...

Crazy! Good work Ad!

Lindsay said...

wow! big changes! Can't wait to see the finished product...

Auntie Jan said...

I like your wallpaper! Haha! Old Bamboo look? Like I tore out of Florida?