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28 Feb 2014


Darn-ed my socks, that is!

In this edition of Corrie's-old-timey-hobbies, I will be darning my socks.  Ok, ok, I haven't darned socks since like 1997 (for reals).  That was with my Grandma - I think maybe we did it once or twice.

So a darning expert I am not.  So I had to visit youtube.  I got the basic gist of it, and thought I would give it a go with some yarn I have for crochet-ing.  My goal is not to make the socks pretty, but to make my toes not hang out (that's a finger below, but you get the general idea).

What ho!  Where is Grandma's darning egg?  Sadly, I don't know, probably lost to time. Our trusty oyster shucker to the rescue!

Well you can see the final product below.  Sort of looks like my socks have a MAJOR cancer.  BUT, I am betting my toes won't fall out anymore!  Win!  And now I feel more emboldened to darn again, perhaps not sucking so much next time.

Darn them all!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

You're hilarious, Coralie. I prefer to think that your sock has a pom-pom, rather than a cancerous growth. It will put extra pep in your step! :)