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23 Feb 2013

Bathroom done!

Done!  Not 100% finished - we still need towel racks and things.  And more grout on floor?

But I digress....

YAY!  Done!

Window is in!  Standing right next to it isn't even cold!  Imagine in summer all the air we can have in the room - woah!  That is some black engineered stone around it.

And our beautiful custom cabinets turned out faboo.  Soon we'll add decorative things there.  So much extra storage, we don't know what to do with ourselves!

And our new deep tub - it is still begging me to have a bubble bath in it - soon, soon, my friend.  (Hello, LABOURing in the tub!  Should be ideal for it!)

Above is a pic of the other side of the tub.  But really, I love staring at the wall tile, now you can too.

Our new vanity.  Matches the cabinets above.  That is an IKEA sink, actually.  Just the sink though.  We liked how it has the raised edge in the back, so no worry about grout eventually failing and needing to be redone.  Not shown but turned ON is the pot light we have installed over the sink, to provide a squidge of extra light to do one's makeup.  And you can see the conveniently located plug to power one's hairdryer as well.

Also, checkout the rad faucet!  Adrian picked it.  Very cool.  We just saw it lying around our contractor's shop, and we were like - "We want that one".

Man, are you seeing all this storage?  We don't know what to do with ourselves.  We have room for Appleseed's future bath toys x a million!  Wheeeeee!

The above can be titled "View from the commode".  That white slim line thing is our new electric heater.  "Electric heater?"  you ask in a crazed voice.  Yes.  It is fancy and uses less energy than it's other heating friends.  Fanless, so it is more like a radiator.  It has a thermostat so it keeps the room at a constant temp.  Remember, this room had no heating before.  And we tore down the duct that would have come to this neck of the woods by removing the wall downstairs.

An amazing thing - insulated walls, plus heat, plus stronger fan (not shown) - we can shower and the walls are DRY.  Yes, even my super steamy showers!  WOW.  Old bathroom had crying walls at every shower, even Adrian's not-super-steamy ones.  Not tested yet is a long luxurious hot bath (will probably have to wait until after Appleseed arrives, I worry about damaging her).

And what is a bathroom/washroom/restroom without a throne?  Shown above is our new one.  So pretty!  Does not rock!  (Found out part of labour will be on the toilet - we giggled to ourselves thinking of the old one!  That would NOT have been suitable!).  Two buttons for coolness.  No-slam lid.  One piece, for easy cleaning.

15 Feb 2013

Almost there!

But not quite.....
SORRY, am typing this from the airport on the tablet... I will be brief. 

You can see cupboards are up. Sneak preview of the floor.  New window and window sill.  Walls not grouped yet.

11 Feb 2013


Hello dear Internetz.  

Did I mention we're replacing the back door?  Old door is out, new door not in yet.  Despite our old door being lovely, we do this to keep the heat IN the house, not leaking out through the single pane window in the old door.  And, eventually we're going to knock off the weird little outdoor room thing attached to our back door, so we need a real exterior door - our old door is oddly not an exterior door (no lock).  Weird, right?  So we may rip off that room thing this summer, so having an exterior door ready is key.  This is just your basic WARM, SAFE, cost-effective door.

Bathroom is now mudded.  Tile starts tomorrow.  And new window is IN!  Well, ok, the window sill is not in yet, but the new window is.  So big and luxurious!  W00t!  Look, you can see the WHOLE thing opens!  Also featured is the nice man that is actually doing all the work by his lonesome:

Downstairs is also mudded.  Less exciting, but an important day nontheless.  Also, all our custom cabinets have been delivered.  The room is actually even messier than before, if possible.  MAN, we have a big cleaning job ahead of us.

Oh, and, um... our furnace is sorta broken-ish.  We need a service call, at any rate.  It hasn't been on for... oh, a week or so.  House is freezing.  Well, no, house is 54'F (yes, we roll in Fahrenheit).  Pipes won't freeze.  Just uncomfortable.

8 Feb 2013

Drywall partially up

Drywall is partially up for both the wall and the bathroom.  This guy is a one-man machine!
Do you need to put special drywall on the ceiling of the shower, or is regular ok??  Anyone??

Of course, we don't even really know if he came in or not today - SNOW DAY!  We're here at Ad's parents.  Ad will go over tomorrow though, fo' shizz.  I needs my special Chinese New Year clothes, obvi.  And my Chinese New Year jewellery (one of the few days a year I wear jewellery - my diamond ring and pearls).

Once the mudding is done and sanded - we can start CLEANING!  W00t!  And maybe move home again at some point!

6 Feb 2013


Progress!  This is at the end of day 3.

The new bathtub is in!  WOW!  You can see the shower pipe there too!  Still the old window.  Look, new toilet hole!

Barbara, you were right to be wary of the old rocking toilet.  Turns out the pipe was cracked!  AUGH.  Not leaking yet, thankfully.  But it was only a matter of time, no doubt.  Thank goodness we had the urge to remodel before the baby comes! 

Now the kitchen is looking super different!  Look how OPEN it looks!  Sort of exposed!  Great sight lines.  Tea cup cupboard no longer.

Here is the view from the kitchen of the dining room.

As you can see, the dining room is being used as a staging area.  Good thing it was all cleared out!

Look how OPEN it is!  That little bit of wall to the side there (you can see some pipes running) will be covered up with drywall.  That's the plumbing stack, it is staying where it is.  We're not made of money, yeah?

You can see the new framing above the counter - that will be the new little breakfast bar we are adding on.  It will match our ugly counters.  :)

4 Feb 2013

Demo day!

It begins!

I tell you, this guy is a hard worker!  One dude did all of this.  Our bathroom went from this to this:
You may have seen the above on FB.  At this point (like ~10:30am) the bath tub is still there you can see.

SHAZAM!  It's gone!  ALL gone!  Including the tub, which is now in our backyard, if anyone feels the need for a quick wash, help yourselves.  Holy Moley!  By himself!  We are lazy office workers - no way I could do this in 2/3 of a day!

(Ok, old window is still there.  Everything isn't totally gone.)

Well the day isn't over.... time to start downstairs!

Last dining room wall picture, ever:

Down it goes!  Mwhahahahha!  (View from the other side)

You can see the spice cupboard is old news, we've lost a few regular kitchen cupboards as well.  But the dishwasher (aka, Corrie Jr.) STAYS!  

Stay tuned for more updates!